Thursday, April 29, 2010

Finally Here

Baby Addison is here!  She was born on April 28th at 2:51pm. 7 lbs 9 oz.  Beautiful and looks like her daddy!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


No news yet on baby Addison.  Still waiting.  As far as I know, they did not start the Pitocin until this morning.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Well, my best gal pal Meggan is at the hospital right now in labor. I am guessing that they have started the pitocin by now and that baby Addison is on her way. It brings back thoughts of my own labor only 9 short months ago (almost 10).

Babies do have a time table of their own. My last day of work had been Friday so I had my week all mapped out. Swimming with Casey on Monday. Hanging out with Angel on Tuesday. Wednesday Sara is coming over to hang out for a bit. Thursday was my Dr's appointment. Friday was relax and do nothing day. I was also hoping to get some much needed house work done and lots of rest. However, Kaylee knew that I had plans and decided that she had better ones. Sunday night, prior to my awesome week, Adam and I decided to stay up and finish the 5th season of the Office. At around midnight we had finished and were getting ready for bed, chatting about the season. I was using the bathroom when I felt this sudden kick that felt almost like a balloon had burst in my tummy. Then I felt more liquid escape and boy was I glad I was still on the toilet. Ew! I casually told Adam, "um. I think my water just broke." He, already in bed almost asleep, replies, "What?!? Really?" I went in to talk to him and still things were not feeling right so I went to the half bath so I could talk to him. "Yeah, I am oh about 100% sure my water just broke." So, we called the Dr and she told us to head to the hospital and be there within an hour. Realizing my time was up I frantically looked at my MESSY house. I began to load the dishwasher while Adam loaded the car.

I know the anxiousness Meggan is feeling and cannot wait to celebrate with her! Any time now!

Joyful Moment of the Day: Continual updates on Meggan's progress. So glad we have texting!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

27th Birthday!

Today is Adam's birthday and I have been frantically busy all day. Today was a flex day at school so I had the day off. I have been cooking all day, never leaving the kitchen except to change an occasional diaper. Adam and I haven't been on a date in about a month and so I am super excited about this evening. We are dropping Kaylee off at a friend's house and then heading to Yats for dinner and then a movie. It is going to be my the first movie I have seen in the theater since July when my friend Meggan was visiting!

When I first met Adam, I was not a big fan. Actually, my first day at Vennard he came up and introduced himself to my family. My Mom loved him at first sight. Sure, I thought he was super good-looking, but I was not interested. Over a period of months we became great friends through our interest in Smallville the television show. We would watch it on our own and call each other afterward to talk about it. Finally, one evening during the last few days before summer break, Adam asked me for a walk. We walked for what seemed like forever just talking about our hopes and dreams. After this walk I felt like things were about to change.
During the summer he would call and after a brief visit we talked about dating, but I had some serious trust issues and was not quite ready for a relationship. In August, when school reconvened he made me a necklace out of hemp, which takes 3 chords. He came to give me the necklace sharing a passage from Ecclesiastes 4 telling me that if we try this and do it with God we can make it. (Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work:If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up! Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm alone.Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.) He asked me to put the necklace on if and when I am ready for a relationship with him.

After a month of deliberating I finally was ready to move forward so I put on the necklace.

As I look back on our relationship I cannot say enough how grateful I am for this man. God truly gave me a wonderful blessing in such a great husband. He is a solid man with good morals and values. He shares my love for God and my passion for being involved in our church. He shows me love even when I do not deserve it. (This may come as a shock, but I am not always the easiest person to live with.) He makes me happy and is an excellent father to our baby girl. He is my Prince, my Cowboy and my Love.

Thank you God for bringing him into my life and for letting me keep him. :)

Happy Birthday, Adam!

Joyful Moment of the Day: Hearing my favorite songs on the radio.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Having Another Child

Lately, Kaylee has been a terror. Screaming. It is the first thing I think of when I think of her. For about 2 weeks now I feel like that is all she has done. Today has been good so far. Hopefully, she has turned a corner. Needless to say all this screaming has really made me contemplate if we should have another child.

Adam and I have always agreed 2 or 4 kids, never completely deciding for sure, but like I said she is redirecting our thoughts. I have always pictured myself with a bigger family. I like the idea of big family Christmas get-togethers and vacations. I would like my kids to experience having brothers and sisters. I love my brother and how close we have gotten over the years. I have always wondered what it would be like to have a sister though. There is a closeness in sisters that I don't think Michael and I will ever have. I would like my daughter to have the chance to know what that is like.

It is all great in my mind, but then there is the screaming. Ah yes. The screaming. It makes my head pound and my ears wish they could not hear. I know Adam has been feeling it too.

So while we love Kaylee, we are uneasy about adding to our family.

She may end up being the only child.

She might not.

Who knows?

Just pondering.

Joyful Moment of the Day: Watching music videos on youtube with Kaylee this morning. We share a love for Skillet, which makes me smile.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Top 5 Things A First Time Mom Needs

I was thinking yesterday about all the baby stuff they have out now. Must haves that every new Mom must sit and debate over whether it is worth it to have it. I remember how overwhelmed I felt walking into Babies R Us for the first time, walls and walls of baby stuff all around me. Seriously, do you need a little bag to put pacifiers in or warmers for wipes? How do you keep from buying stuff that don't really need?! Well, after much debate, I registered for things I thought I would need most and now that Kaylee is here I realize I did not do half bad. So without further ado, here is my

Top 5 Things A First Time Mom Needs

1. Travel Systems. You can't leave the hospital without the carseat. I personally loved ours that you could carry into places while baby is sleeping and am glad that I picked it. Our travel system included a stroller that is the Cadillac of all strollers. It is huge, but is smooth to push. It was nice to have when Kaylee was smaller because the carseat snaps right into it for easy transfer. Now that she is bigger I only see myself using it during long outings such as zoo visits or park visits.

2. Pack-N-Play. Wow! One of the best things ever made! Ours came with bassinet and diaper changing table features. Both were so great to have when Kaylee was smaller. The best thing about the pack-n-play though is that it is a portable bed wherever you go. We like to hang out with friends in the evenings so we just load the pack-n-play into the car and go. She goes to sleep in it and then when we are ready to go home we can just pack it all up and go. Love this item!

3. Breathable Bumpers. These things rock! They, of course, are breathable. Kaylee would move around and have her face pressed up against her normal bumpers and I was so scared that one morning she would not be breathing when I went in there so I took her bumpers out. The next morning when I went in there to get her because she was screaming. She had her arm stuck between the slats! That is when I found breathable bumpers. They keep arms and legs in, but let her breathe which makes me as a Mom feel more comfortable. They also collapse so if she tries to use them to step out of the crib, she will not be able to do so. They are AMAZING!

4. Boppy. I know some Mom's may disagree with me on this one, but let me give my explanation before you write it off. I used the Boppy when I was nursing to hold Kaylee up. I would prop myself up on my body pillow and nurse Kaylee while sitting up. Sometimes I would fall asleep while nursing unintentionally, but I was never worried about rolling over her or her falling off the bed because she was nestled into the Boppy on my lap and like I said I was sitting up. Also, as Kaylee got a little older and started sitting up on her own, it was nice to have to sit behind her in case she fell back. We have hardwood floors and if we would not have had the Boppy behind her she would have hit the floor. Now we use it to let her feed herself her bottle. She lays back on the Boppy either while on our laps or on the floor and feeds herself while propped up rather than being flat. It makes it easier for her. It has been used a lot for a lot of different things, which is why it has made the cut!

5. Diaper Changing Table. Ironically, this is the one item I do not have, but definitely want for the next kid. We had the changing table feature on the pack-n-play, but Kaylee weighs too much for it now. We just use a pad and change her on the couch, but I get tired of it being in my living room and on my couch. I would prefer to have a table or a pad on top of her dresser in her room like we did when she was smaller. It is convenient and it is not a strain on your back. This is a must have to me!

Let me know what you think!

Joyful Moment of the Day: Kaylee had her first big girl bath today! She loved it! (And Titus, our cat, came in to see what was going on which made it even more amusing!)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Blogging once again.

I decided to start blogging again. I had a blog in highschool and in my first years of college, but once I joined facebook I lost interest. However, I have occasionally written notes about my comings and goings. I guess what peeked my interest in blogging again was the movie Julie and Julia. It made me truly miss ranting and raving about life and all that my own personally in-tells. So here is the beginning...

My husband, Adam and I have been married for almost 5 years. Other than family he is the only person that I have spent over 2-3 years of my life with. I mean I have "known" people for that long, but to actually live close to and remain close to for that long is monumental for me. My family moved a lot growing up making friendships come and go. It amazes me that I have known him for going on 7 years. He is pretty great and I am excited to see us make that 5 year mark!

My daughter, Kaylee, is now almost 10 months old. It is really crazy how fast time flies. It is so weird to call myself a Mom. I know one day I will blink and she will be getting married and having children of her own. She has started throwing temper tantrums. Hopefully, this will pass. I think my cute little angel is still in there somewhere.

This weekend was difficult. My Mom has been sick for several years with something that seems to stump all doctors. This past weekend she had an episode where she had severe pain in her chest and could hardly breathe which landed her in the ER pretty much all day on Saturday. They ran every test they could think of and everything came back normal even though they could see that something was wrong with her. They had her on oxygen the entire time she was there. It is really stressful to be 4 hours away. I wish we lived closer during moments like these. As I said earlier, my Mom has been sick for a while, but this weekend it really hit me. My Mom is my closest friend and mentor. I need her. She gives me wisdom and advice. She answers my questions and tells me when I am being unreasonable. It is hard enough being far away, I do not think I could handle not having her at all. Please pray that a doctor would step forward and be curious enough to figure out what is wrong with her and hopefully something to help her get better.

The school year is almost over. Only 3 weeks left! I am so excited for the summer! I plan on spending some days at the park, keeping the house clean, having dinner ready when my husband gets home, and hanging out with friends. I have really enjoyed this semester. My kids and I finally have an understanding it seems. They listen and do what they are told and are quiet while they work on homework. It has been a really good way to end out the year!

Joyful Moment of the Day: The current peace and quiet.
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