Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Well, my best gal pal Meggan is at the hospital right now in labor. I am guessing that they have started the pitocin by now and that baby Addison is on her way. It brings back thoughts of my own labor only 9 short months ago (almost 10).

Babies do have a time table of their own. My last day of work had been Friday so I had my week all mapped out. Swimming with Casey on Monday. Hanging out with Angel on Tuesday. Wednesday Sara is coming over to hang out for a bit. Thursday was my Dr's appointment. Friday was relax and do nothing day. I was also hoping to get some much needed house work done and lots of rest. However, Kaylee knew that I had plans and decided that she had better ones. Sunday night, prior to my awesome week, Adam and I decided to stay up and finish the 5th season of the Office. At around midnight we had finished and were getting ready for bed, chatting about the season. I was using the bathroom when I felt this sudden kick that felt almost like a balloon had burst in my tummy. Then I felt more liquid escape and boy was I glad I was still on the toilet. Ew! I casually told Adam, "um. I think my water just broke." He, already in bed almost asleep, replies, "What?!? Really?" I went in to talk to him and still things were not feeling right so I went to the half bath so I could talk to him. "Yeah, I am oh about 100% sure my water just broke." So, we called the Dr and she told us to head to the hospital and be there within an hour. Realizing my time was up I frantically looked at my MESSY house. I began to load the dishwasher while Adam loaded the car.

I know the anxiousness Meggan is feeling and cannot wait to celebrate with her! Any time now!

Joyful Moment of the Day: Continual updates on Meggan's progress. So glad we have texting!!!

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