Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bout to go for a walk

Waiting on Adam to get home from work so that I can go on a walk with my friends.  Worked out for the first time today in pretty much a month.  I have tried a couple times to get back into it without much success.  It is quite frustrating because I saw a noticeable difference in the way that I looked after working out consistently for about a month.  Then, I just stopped.  Now I lack motivation.  I don't know why.  Either way, I started again today. Hopefully, tomorrow will have in itself a workout as well.  Please be praying for me in this area.  I really want to take care of myself and get/stay in good shape.  I also desire to be pleasing to look at for my husband as well.  The only way for any of that to happen is I start working out consistently again.  Well, Adam is home now. Off to walk with friends.

Joyful Moment of the Day: Kaylee was pulling Titus's tail today and he just kept loving on her and purring.  Crazy cat!

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