Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Family plays a huge role in my life.

Growing up we moved a lot, which had its ups and downs but overall it made my family super close.  I see other families that have relationships, but nothing like the deep meaningful relationships that I have with my parents and my brother.  Moving made friendships with others hard to come by at times, making my family my best friends.

Right now many hours separate me from my parents as well as my brother.  Living far apart sucks.  There are days that I would love to do nothing more than go to my parent's house and just lay down on the couch and hang out with my Mom all day or go pick up pop cans along the road with my Dad. There are so many days when going out into town with my brother would make my day.  Running to wherever, but goofing off the whole time.  I miss them.

Some would probably remind me that I will get to see them soon.  My brother is getting married in 3 weeks.  Here in this moment though, in the quiet, all I want to do is be with them.  They are the definition of love, strength, and encouragement.  God's instruments that He so magnificently gave to me.  Blessings.

May He bless them today in whatever they are doing. Love you guys.

Joyful Moment of the Day:  Kaylee is getting more teeth.

1 comment:

  1. Mom is laughing at me cuz you made me cry (over pop cans!)

    Love you, Krista!


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