Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Weekends, Weddings, and Whatnots

It has been really hard this last few days not to be looking to the future.  There is just so many super fun things that I am looking forward to.  Next Friday is my last day of work until August. June 5 my brother is getting married and so we will be celebrating that with he and his future bride in Denver.  Plus I will get to see some great friends and family while there.  Then, my 5th anniversary is June 25th. Kaylee's 1st birthday is June 29th. Then, in July is my grandparent's 50th anniversary which means we will be heading to South Dakota for that.  In the process of going there we will get to spend some time with more great friends and family!  It is going to be a great summer!!!  So, as I sit here with anticipation I try to remain in the here and now and all that I need to accomplish today.

Joyful Moment of the Day: Hearing Kaylee call my name from her crib this morning when she was ready to get up. :)

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