Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Babies, Babies, Babies

Well, I have had 2 days now with 2 babies in the house.  It has been fun and trying all at the same time.  Elliana and Kaylee are only a few months apart in age and are on pretty similar schedules. This was nice in that they napped at the same time.

These two are quite a pair.

They would pass toys back and forth between them - not quite fighting over them but not quite sharing them.

They are both pulling up on things so they were all over the living room putting toys on the furniture and then standing up to get them.

Nap times were funny though because they would take turns crying until finally they both would fall asleep.

I was surprised that at meal times they did not get mad seeing each other eat.  Kaylee usually fusses when Adam and I are eating and not sharing with her so I figured it would be the same while Elliana was here.  It wasn't though. Kaylee played with the chair while Elliana was being fed. 

Kaylee is a little social butterfly and has loved having Elliana stay with us.  I am sure tomorrow she will be so sad when Elliana leaves and she is stuck here with just me and the cat.

Joyful Moment of the Day: One year ago I gave birth to my little Kaylee.  It's crazy that it has been a year already!  Happy Birthday, Kaylee!

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