Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Possible Love - Twu Luv

I know I have been talking a lot lately about love.  It's on my mind as our anniversary is so close.

AND it has been coming up in my devotional that I am reading.

The last few entries have been very interesting to me and have given me much to think about.  The first one talked about how unconditional love is impossible without Christ.  At first I thought, "well love is a choice.  I don't think it is immmpossible."

I was missing the key word in my thoughts.  UNCONDITIONAL.

Adam's love language is acts of service.  This means that he feels extremely loved if I do things for him, like keeping the house clean. Sure, I can wake up in the morning and choose to wash the dishes and put his clothes away instead of playing RockBand or reading, but that is just loving him.  It's not loving him unconditionally.  I secretly hope that he will see my "love" and "love" me in return.

Maybe with words of encouragement or a gift.

Loving someone unconditionally means loving someone unselfishly.  It means there are no conditions, no strings attached.  This kind of love, I am incapable of without Christ.

Let me be brutally honest and lay it out on the table for you.  I am not pleasant when it comes to fighting.  If Adam really ticks me off, my knee jerk reaction is to fight back.

I may even throw a fork.

This is my love at work.

However, Christ settles me down and reminds me that I need to listen to what Adam is saying. Hear what is truly the heart of the issue.  He helps me love Adam in spite of anything he could ever do or say that my be hurtful.

He helps me love with a limitless love.

Christ makes it possible.

Joyful Moment of the Day: Adam has been bringing me roses and poems/notes all week celebrating (so far) the last 3 years of our marriage.  So, Monday I received one red rose with a poem about our first year of marriage.  Tuesday, I received 2 roses and a letter about our second year of marriage.  Today, I received 3 roses and a poem about our third year of marriage.  He has 2 more years to cover.  I can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store.

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