Monday, July 19, 2010

The Sin Nature

Kaylee makes me so very aware of how we are indeed born with a sin nature. 

Whether it be through her screaming in protest for being put down on the floor or her disobedience when told "No".

It's funny in comparison to myself. 

How often do I throw a fit when things do not go my way? 

Being saved by Christ from the death that I deserve makes me so grateful.  Yet there are days when I am so sinful in my attitude and behavior toward Him.  Sure I don't physically throw myself to the ground, crying and giving angry eyes, but I am in every aspect disrespectful toward my Creator that I love so very deeply.

I wonder how often He looks at me, while I am throwing a fit, and laughs.

So as Kaylee is now happy that she has her water and her cheerios, I cannot help but ponder the sin nature. I am sure I will see this area of her life adapt and change in her growing age, but I look forward to the day when she says that Jesus is in her heart and she knows that she will spend eternity in Heaven. In spite of the sin nature she was born with.

Joyful Moment of the Day: Watching Kaylee practice waving and saying "bye-bye" in the mirror this morning.

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