Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Michael and I are 4 years apart.  We were never that close until I moved out and went to college.

When Adam and I found out we were pregnant again, I was so excited thinking about my daughter having a brother and being closer in age than Michael and I were making it more probable that they would be close friends growing up, making up for the years that Michael and I missed out on.

After finding out we were having a second girl, I was overwhelmed with beautiful comments, emails, and letters telling me how lucky my daughter will be to have a sister.  I just have to say thank you to everyone who has shared their own personal stories of how they love having a sister.

I would like to share one of those letters with you from one of the ladies that I work with.

After our quick conversation on Thursday about the new girl angel you are carrying, I began to think about the joys of having a sister.

My sister - well - she is not my best friend; she's a part of me really.  There are bonds sisters share that no one else could ever understand. And you, you are offering this very precious gift to your daughter.

Imagine... fast forward to when your children are adults... your oldest giving this card to her little sister whom she has protected and loved oh-so-much!

Be cheered!

This note was inside a beautiful birthday card from a sister to a sister.

All of these notes and letters have made me so happy to know that Kaylee will have a sister to share her life with.  Thanks again for sharing!

Joyful Moment of the Day: Cuddling with Kaylee this morning when she got up.  I love it when she is in the mood to cuddle!

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