Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kaylee's Kidbits

In the last few weeks, Kaylee's vocabulary has started to really grow!  It amazes me how much she learns even when I feel like she is learning nothing other than how to throw a tantrum.

She has been able to say quite a few words for a while. Mommy, Daddy, Kitty, Wiggle, Moo, Titus, and shoes.

These are the new things added to the list. Thank you, Love you, You're welcome, Papa or Poppy, poo-poo, uh-oh, and go. (And her very own Star Wars language.)

Kaylee loves to dance and sing! She also loves wearing shoes, but hates socks. She hates having her hair combed or to have bows in it. She enjoys knocking on the bathroom door when someone is in there - especially if it is her daddy. She also likes to cover her face and pretend she is hiding.  This game is cute, but she is one patient kid during this game and can sit there "hiding" for quite a long time while you pretend to look for her.  She loves to skype.  As soon as she hears the noise it makes when it comes on, she comes running over.  Every day is something new and exciting with her.

As we prepare for baby number two (still no name- sorry), we are realizing quickly that our "baby" is quickly becoming a little person of her own, leaving behind most of her baby qualities and becoming a toddler. Although, she will always be our baby.

I love my little girl(s).

Joyful Moment of the Day: Adam is setting up downstairs for game day. He has his music on and is singing loudly along with it.  It makes me smile. Especially when he comes up and starts singing to Kaylee. :)

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  1. I'm not sure I like that "Papa" and "poo-poo" are so close together!

    Thanks for the thoughts and smiles thinking about them. I smile thinking about Adam singing loudly too!

    Love all four of you deeply! (I just 'like' Titus.)

    Papa Randy


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