Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our Christmas Letter

Every year I try to send out a Christmas letter. Some years I have successfully made time and effort for this endeavor, but this year is just not one of those years. So, as I find myself with only days before Christmas I have decided to write my letter just for you.

Dear Family and Friends,

This year has gone by crazy fast! I simply cannot believe that it is almost Christmas! Fortunately, the year did not bring about big changes to our lives, but several small ones.

First change - We have an one year old now! Kaylee has grown up so much over the year! She is no longer our little baby that needs us for everything.  She still is and always will be our baby girl, but we are reminded constantly through the newborns of friends that our daughter is no longer a baby.  She started the year barely crawling and now is running around after the cat.  She was just starting to get her first tastes of food and now is very close to feeding herself properly with a fork or spoon. (By properly I mean I don't need to get out a hose for clean-up.) She was drinking from a bottle, but now drinks from a sippy cup. She was just cooing, but now is saying lots of words.  She has just developed and grown so much as I know she will continue to do in the years to come. These quick developmental changes make things go by so much faster.

Second change - We found out we were pregnant again!  (Some may think this is a big change, but for me being pregnant is a small change. Once the baby comes, then it will be a big change.) This pregnancy is flying by with the year it seems.  Maybe because Kaylee keeps me on my toes.  I just know that I am coming to the end and seeing all that I still need to get done, hoping that I am able to get it all in before baby number two makes her arrival. We have between 8-12 weeks left.  Kaylee came at 39 weeks. Maybe this kid will be late. We will see!

Third change - My brother is married! We are thrilled to welcome Rachel into our family!  We were able to spend Thanksgiving with my brother and his new wife and I must say that they made the visit so much fun!  I love spending time with Michael, but it was also so exciting to get to spend some time getting to know Rachel better!  Welcome to the family, Rachel! 

Fourth change - New friends!  God has truly blessed us with some great new friendships this year!  I think of our home group that is a bunch of people that we already knew, but that we have gotten to truly have relationships with.  I think of our new youth pastor and his wife and I cannot tell you how often they have been blessing to me already in just the short few months I have known them.  I think of another couple that we have loved learning new games with.  It's been a long time since we have had friends that we are a couple that we can play games with.  I think of another couple that we enjoy having conversation with as they are just a fun loving couple.  All of these friendships added to the constant growth in our other relationships, have made this year a blast!

Fifth change - Adam got his PHR! (Professional Human Resources) After months of preparation for the test and weeks of pre-tests and anxiety, he passed the test!  I could not be more thrilled for my husband! He was so nervous, which is so unlike him when it comes to classes and tests.  Essentially this is just to make him worth more professionally. He calls it a club that he has joined.  Either way, I am super proud of him!

As our year comes to a close, I look ahead and see HUGE changes on the horizon.  I know God has so much in store for us and I cannot wait to see how He moves in our lives in 2011.  May this new year bring many blessings to you all!

Adam, Krista, Kaylee, and Baby #2.

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