Monday, March 14, 2011

Braxton Hicks Attack Again

Contractions started around 9pm, but they were irregular until about 9:30. I started timing them at about 9:45. They were once again 10 minutes apart.

I went to take a shower to see if they would stop. They didn't.

By 10:45, they had been consistent every 10 minutes and were getting harder.

I called the on-call doctor because my personal doctor told me to call if they were 10 minutes apart. (She thinks my labor will move quickly.) The on-call doctor told me to try to get some sleep and call back when they are 5 minutes apart.

I finally fell asleep close to midnight. Contractions kept coming and waking me up because of how strong they were, but I was able to get a little sleep in between.  I kept waking up every hour after that. I would try to time them and fall asleep doing so.  Then, I would dream that I was timing them. That was worse because those were much closer together than my real contractions.

Anyways, around 1, contractions were 8 minutes apart and I was wondering if I should get up and start getting final things ready to go, but my tiredness won out and I fell back to sleep.

At 3 I got up to go the bathroom and kept myself awake for a bit to continue timing them.  That is when I realized that they were not coming as strong and were not as consistent as they had been. By 3:30, I knew for sure. They had stopped.

I still woke up to pee of course at around 4:30. I finally slept great from about 6:30 when Adam left for work until about 8:30 when Kaylee woke up.

It was a long night with the only outcome being that Adam still went to work today.

(I write all this down so that I can remember and someday share it with Ella.)

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