Friday, March 11, 2011

Dinner With Kaylee

Tonight Adam, Kaylee, and I all sat down for some good ole' fashion grilled cheese and tomato soup.  Kaylee ate 1/4 of her sandwich and pushed her plate away as if she were done. Then, she did sign language telling me she was indeed, all done.

All of a sudden she gets this really serious focused face on that every parent or babysitter knows. It is the "poop" face. Adam looks over at her and asks her what she is doing, laughing because of how serious she looked.

That's when it started. Kaylee moves her eyes from Adam, to me, then back to Adam and just starts laughing hysterically.  She keeps laughing which makes Adam catch the giggle bug as well.  The next thing I know she has Adam laughing so hard that he is crying.  I think she is cute and all so I offer up a small laugh, but I am still just not sure what is so funny that Adam should be bawling his eyes out.  It does not end there.

Kaylee then stops laughing and looks over at me.  She raises her eyebrows and opens her eyes and mouth really wide and then bursts out laughing all over again. Ok. Now I am laughing hard. Her face was hilarious, but I think the fact that she stopped laughing and got serious while making the face is what made it so funny. Either way, by the end of it I am pretty sure that the laughing and crying lasted about 20 minutes straight, maybe longer.

It was a fun dinner with Kaylee! (I wish I could have caught it on candid camera - I would have tried to video, but Kaylee would have stopped if I would have gotten the camera out.) (Oh and Adam lucked out - she never had that "dirty" diaper.)

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