Tuesday, April 26, 2011

First Outings, Dr's Appointments, and Sleeping

Last week was my first time out with both girls by myself. I actually had to get Ella in to see the doctor for her tummy issues (which I will explain in a moment), but used the opportunity to run some errands since we were already out and about. After her appointment, I took them to Target to try to find an Easter dress for myself. Ella slept the whole time. Even with Kaylee screaming Ella's name into the carseat to wake her up. Kaylee was such a good girl, patiently waiting for me to pick dresses and try them on.  We ended our Target visit without a single meltdown.  Then, we had to go get Ella's prescription. On the way there Kaylee started whining obsessively. I seriously debated not going and having Adam pick it up later, but decided it would be better to start Ella on it sooner than later.  We get down by CVS only to discover that this particular CVS is no longer open. They have moved. Ugh. So, I start heading to the one down the road from us. (Kaylee is by this time having an all out meltdown.) Luckily it has drive-up service. I get up to the window and the lady tells me that she is out of this particular medicine. (Kaylee stops whining at the window out of curiosity.)  The lady calls the one down by Adam's work and they have some of the medicine. She then told me that if I head over there, they should have it ready for me by the time I get down there. If she would not have said that statement I would have let Adam pick it up because I did not want to listen to Kaylee anymore, but since she did say it I decided to still go get the meds.  However, I gave them an extra couple of minutes by running through Starbucks drive-thru for a quick pick-me-up.  (All the while Kaylee is listening and observing.)  As soon as we get back on to the road to head to CVS, Kaylee starts her I am not crying with tears, but making this really annoying sound as if I am crying sound again.  I get all the way down to CVS and they too have a drive-up window. (Kaylee is quiet while I talk to the guy that looks like a highschool student.)  He tells me that he JUST got the prescription and it would be 5-10 minutes. They also don't let you sit there and wait. You have to park. So, I pull away wishing I had some earplugs knowing what was about to erupt in my backseat.  Only this time Kaylee wakes Ella. So, now I have a chorus of meltdowns behind me. I want to cry. My beautiful first outing was now a pitiful conglomeration of Ella's real tears and Kaylee's whining. Needless to say I still reflect upon this trip as a success. I was able to get out to the doctor on time. Both girls were quiet when we were "in public". And I FINALLY got Ella's meds.

At this appointment that I mentioned above, Ella was diagnosed with having reflux.  Acid reflux is when the stomach's contents goes back up into the esophagus, causing baby to feel miserable.  It usually happens after a feeding, which luckily for Ella happens every 3 hours. Poor thing is pretty much crying anytime she is awake so I knew something was wrong with her. Anyways, now she is on some baby zantac which is an antacid.  I have not seen a huge change, but there have been about 10 -15 minutes a day where she is not crying and seems content so I think it is helping. Time will tell. Please keep praying for our little Ella and that this medicine would bring some continued relief for her. She woke up at 5 this morning with an upset tummy and is still at this moment having a rough go at it. It's 12:30.  I just feel bad because there is nothing I can do for her and I can see that she really does not feel good. Thanks! Yesterday was her monthly check-up. She weighs 10 pounds which is more than Kaylee weighed at 3 months so she is doing great! She is at 58% for weight. She is 22 and 1/4 inches long putting her at 74% for length.  The doctor said she looks great and that she hopes the medicine continues to help.  This was another successful outing with both girls. (This time with zero meltdowns.)

Last on the update agenda is Kaylee. She is making awesome progress in her sleeping behavior. For the first 4 weeks in her big girl bed she had been an angel. She would climb into bed, give you kisses, and go to sleep without any fuss. Then, all of a sudden she was waking up in the middle of the night screaming and crying. That finally stopped the week before Ella came. Also, when we first put her down she would start crying and getting out of bed to stand next to the door. She was a terror. We tried everything. We left her door open. We left the hall light on. We gave her a nightlight. We shut her door. We stayed in her room with her.  Nothing worked. Anyways, we have been listening to her cry every night for months. I am proud to say though that for the last 3 nights she has not gotten out of bed and she has not cried. She has been doing great! Praise the Lord!!!

Hope all of you are having a fabulous Tuesday!

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  1. You guys are good parents and, Krista, you are a great mommy! I'm proud to call you mine!


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