Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kaylee's Kidbits

Kaylee seems like a giant now that we have Ella.  She is growing up so fast!

Some days her whining far exceeds the cute things she does, but that comes with being a kid.

She does a lot of cute things though.

Probably my favorite thing that she does is pick up Titus (her kitty), carry him over to me, and say, "Cheese, Momma, cheese."(meaning - she wants me to take a picture of her holding Titus)

She is all about dancing. She will start dancing to just about anything. Commercials. Someone humming. The clicking of the swing. When she starts dancing, she will say, "Momma, dance. Ella, dance. Daddy, dance." She loves to dance and wants you to dance with her!

I sat down one day to count out how many words she knows. I stopped counting at around 45 and her vocabulary is growing more every day.

The most exciting recent thing we have been working on is getting Kaylee to say "more" when she wants more food.  I even taught her the sign language to help her out. This morning all of my work has paid off. She called me over and said, "More, Momma." I am so proud!

The next adventure for little Miss Kaylee is potty training. As soon as we are home for several days and have no where to go, we will start. Keep us in your prayers. Speaking of which... if you have any tips that worked for you, please post them below or email them to me at Thanks!


  1. Potty training..... a long process! First off, I have to say, make sure she is ready! Like keeping dry during naps, and staying dry for a couple hours at a time while awake. What worked best for us with Brooklyn (started her at 2 years, 3 months) was lots of nakedness at the start. At all times when she was home she had a naked bottom. We stayed home for 48 hours straight to start off the process strong. And at grandparents/families houses we kept her with a naked bottom as well. Started off bringing her to the toilet every 15 minutes, and each time she went she got m & m's. 2 for pee, 4 for poop. Slowly started bringing her up to every 30/45 minutes. And eventually she started telling us "POTTY ON THE TOILET MOMMY!!" It took her about 3 days to start telling us she needed to go. And def having something to do while you sit there waiting for them to go is a must... lol. Sometimes we would sit there for 10 minutes. We read a lot of books, kept a basket in the bathroom of them. And it still isn't perfect, she has accidents from time-to-time (now 2 & a half), and still wears a diaper/pullup for bed time/nap time since she usually has to go as soon as she wakes up and often doesn't quite make it to the bathroom. All I've gotta say is patience is key.... I was told never to just say "its okay, accidents happen". We usually say "its okay, accidents happen, but next time lets make it to the potty okay? We want to be a big girl!" and that helped calm the tears of her going on the floor, but also helps her tell us the next time. And she did have one big relapse, after we had been on a long trip, and we did what I called a potty training boot camp weekend, where we were home again all weekend, with her bottom naked the whole time. So far we have only had to have one weekend of that, hoping not to have to have another one! Good luck Krista :) It can be a tiring process, but exciting once you see an end in sight!

  2. I like "dance PaPa!" It's a scary sight but it so fun!
    Thank you for your update!


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