Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Whirlwind Week

Last week was super crazy busy and long.

Kaylee woke up two Fridays ago with major red puffy eyes that were watering everywhere and a nasty runny nose. Thursday had been our first day out during high pollen counts so her reaction confirmed in my mind that she had horrible allergies.  I gave her some Claritin on Friday and it did not seem to help at all. So, Saturday I switched to Benadryl and it helped her puffy red eyes clear up and not water. She had a little bit of a runny nose for a couple more days and I thought it was all clearing up.

On Wednesday morning Kaylee woke up with a very high fever. 102.8.  She also seemed to develop a nasty cough over the day. After her afternoon nap, she just wanted to cuddle and clearly was not feeling good at all.Over the next two days her fever never broke and her cough was getting worse. Thursday night her eyes started watering again and by early Friday morning I decided to take her to the doctor.

I called Markita to see if she could come up and watch Ella for me as Kaylee was VERY clingy and needy and I knew that the appointment time that they gave me would have me feeding Ella while we were gone. It would just be a better idea to have someone stay with Ella so that she could have her normal routine at home and Kaylee could have all of my attention. Thankfully, Markita was able to come!

At the doctor, Kaylee looked so miserable that all of the staff at the office kept saying "Awww, poor thing." when they saw her. The Dr decided to check her for strep. The test came back positive.  It was actually a relief because I knew then that Kaylee would be getting some relief with antibiotic.

Thankfully, I had taken her Friday because my parents were coming in that evening and we were having a lot of family over on Sunday for Ella's dedication and to celebrate Kaylee's 2nd birthday.  Saturday was the worst day. She looked terrible. We were worried that maybe we should not take her to church on Sunday. We decided to take her to the dedication and then one of us would bring her home. 

She is not completely better, but today she is more of her usual self. Taunting the cat and scattering her toys everywhere.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nursing Covers

So, I am looking to sew nursing covers and sell them. I am trying to figure out what to call my little business and would like your input. I would prefer to stay away from anything that draws attention to breasts. So, Adam, "Titty Tents" and "Booby Blinds" are out of the question and not in the running. The two companies that I know of are Hooter Hiders and Udder Covers. Personally, the whole idea of a nursing cover is to hopefully "cover" and draw attention away from the business going on behind it. Anyways, my covers will be slightly wider on the sides as to help hide your belly/back that shows when you nurse and also will have a pocket to hold nursing pads or the baby's pacifier. Here are a couple of pictures of one that I already have completed for my best friend Kimberly.

Let the creative juices flow! :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Well, readers, this is my 100th blog!!!! It is so crazy to think that I have written that much as I can recall days as a kid where I would write for a couple of weeks in my journal and then stop writing.  Adam and I were discussing this 100th blog and it made me start thinking about all the things that I wrote about in the other 99 blogs.  This made me decide to write the Top 10 Blogs out of my 100 Blogs. These are the blogs that had the most views and I will even tell you how many times each one has been viewed. So without further adieu:

The Top 10 Blogs out of my 100 Blogs 

1.  Sewing Sisters came in at 58 views!

2.  Kaylee Finally Walking came in at 77 views!

3. Sick came in at 78 views!

4. My Update on Ella tied with the Announcement That we Were Going to Have a Girl coming in at 79 views!

5. My Sort of Decision About the Epidural came in at 85 views!

6. Ella's Birth Story came in at 93 views!

7. My Top 10 on Things To Ask Yourself Before Having a Baby came in at 104 views!

8. Complete Surrender surprisingly came in at 107 views!

9. My question of whether To Epidural or Not came in at 118 views!

10. My Top 10 on Marriage came in at a whopping 204 views!

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Thanks for reading!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sewing Sister*

The last two weeks of sewing club were canceled much to my disappointment. I decided that I had to start my next project by myself.  I got really excited about the project so I ended up finishing it.

My project...

Kaylee's dress for her 2nd birthday

Last year my Mom made Kaylee an outfit for her birthday and since this year I am a sewing diva I decided to make Kaylee's birthday get-up myself.

I think it turned out pretty cute.

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