Saturday, July 16, 2011

Top 10 Things to Pack for the Hospital

My friend asked for a list of things that others felt were important to pack when having a baby. I immediately responded with my book of an answer. You see, I followed the lists that I found on-line when I was pregnant with Kaylee and I cannot tell you how many loads it took for Adam to finally get everything out of the car and into the room. However, I can tell you, I did not use half of the junk that they tell you to pack. Second time around I was a pro. I knew what I would and would not need and was ready to go. One load. (Which was a good thing since my labor was so short. - Adam might have missed the birth if I had packed as much as I did the first time around.)  Anyways, here is my

Top 10 Things to Pack for the Hospital (per my own experience at MY hospital)

1. Slippers - With Kaylee I did a lot of walking during the first part of labor. It was so nice to have my slippers to walk the halls rather than having to put on some shoes or ruin my socks. They were also nice on the tile after delivery when I had to get up for anything in my room. (or to pee)

2. My own pillow - I am a pillow snob. I have to have my own pillow to sleep comfortably.

3. One pair of clothes for me and baby - I know some people like to be in their own stuff after they deliver, more power to them. My hospital provided a gown and a robe every day. So, if they provide something to wear, why would I dirty up/possibly ruin my own things. Plus, I am all about less laundry. They also provide little onesies and blankets for the baby so I did not have to worry about anything for the baby while in the hospital. (hello - again - less laundry) So, my recommendation is just pack one outfit for you and one outfit for junior. (I also threw in a couple of bows and hats for Ella to wear in pictures.)

4. Bathroom essentials - My hospital provided a towel and blow dryer, but not shower stuff. (I never asked though, so they might have.) Either way, I liked having my own stuff. I will mention here though that I did buy travel sizes for my bag so that I did not have to pack them at the last minute as they were already in my bag. It was also nice once I got home because I am pretty slow at unpacking. No worries - my stuff was still in the shower.

5. iPod - I intended to use my iPod during labor and delivery. HA! Didn't happen. I did use it during the night feedings though. It was so hard to stay awake, so I turned on some loud music to help me keep my peepers open.

6. Laptop - After delivery I wanted to get pictures to family and friends quickly and this was the easiest way. Not to mention the countless hours of Netflix that we watched in between visitors after delivery. The laptop was really nice to have. (Oh and I could charge my iPod on it.)

7. Camera and charger - I am a picture freak! I LOVE taking pictures! I wanted pictures and video of both girls right after birth for memories. This is probably, in my opinion, the most important thing to take with me.

8. Phone charger - eh... this one is obvious.

9. Your husband's bag - I actually almost forgot to pack Adam's stuff this time around. Fortunately, we live close enough that Adam could have run home and gotten some. I just don't like being left alone in the hospital so I am glad I remembered. (His bag should include 4 days of clothing and his shower essentials.)

10. Carseat - They won't let you take the baby home without it. (I almost forgot this as well.)

If you want the "things that are not worth your time to pack for the hospital" list - just shoot me an email and I will give it to you. :o)


  1. I would also include stuff to do during labor, especially, since MOST of the time, there are hours of waiting (and it's boring if you've had an epidural!). For me, that included a deck of cards, my knitting, and a puzzle magazine. Pack stuff for hubby too! (Anelise was born during baseball playoffs, so Jonathan didn't need anything else.)

  2. Ha! I was in too much pain to do anything with Kaylee and I didn't have any time to do anything with Ella. We did bring games though to play after delivery. (I put them in Adam's bag.) That would be a good thing to add to my list! Thanks Jenna!


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