Friday, September 2, 2011

Intentional Living

I posted briefly a while back about the Bible Study I was taking called Intentional Living. Talk about an overload of information... it was such a great class and I learned a ton, but being pregnant and having a toddler to chase made me super exhausted and very difficult to implement the things that I was learning. After Ella was born, I still found myself completely worn out and tired and unable to live intentionally. Thankfully though, the girls are finally sleeping through the night and I have been able to "turn a new leaf".

In this class, Alyssa talked about having a "Personal Retreat Day" where you spend the whole day reflecting on your life and ways to make it more intentional and focused on God. When she first started talking about it I kept thinking, "Yeah, right. Have you seen my busy life? There is just NO TIME to give up a whole day!" Now that I have had some rest and have my head out of the clouds I have finally been able to set up a time to have my PRD. It will only be a couple of hours, but it will be a start.

Let me tell you more about the focusing part. I missed the day that she talked about the rocks in our life, but she explained it a little in the next session so I quickly caught up. The rocks in our life are the big things that are important to us. A few of mine are family, friends, and ministry. These rocks are called Key Result Areas or KRA's. There is so much to say about these and if you would like to know more, I would be happy to send you my notes and an example of what one looks like.

I am rambling on so I will tie this up. I am super excited to finally be able to take this time to work on my relationship with God, my KRA's, and have some time to myself to make my life more intentional.


  1. Love this!!! Please share you notes with me.... If you get a me at or post it to my facebook page whatever is easier and less time consuming....understand time restraints being a momma myself! lol

  2. Hey Janelle - I will try to get them to you sometime this week! :)


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