Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pack Up the Kids! We Got a Van!

Having two kids in our small Chevy Cavalier was just not happening. After packing up to go to my parent's house a couple of times, we realized we have no room. We need a bigger car.

I know some people are opposed to getting that "soccer mom" van, but I really wanted one. I wanted the space for groceries and my large Sam's orders. And for luggage. I wanted more room so that others could actually ride with me if a situation came about and that would be needed. No SUV would cut it. I needed a van.

I wanted lots of space in the trunk area and I really wanted 8 seats. I thought the 8 seats thing was probably more on the not going to happen side of things, but I was hopeful. I also wanted the doors that open by themselves. 

After looking at tons, I MEAN TONS, of vans I finally found THE ONE. Now, some of you may say that there is not just one van for you, but seriously this van had everything I was looking for in my realistic mind. (I knew how much we were going to be able to spend and I knew what I was going to be able to get for that price.)

We settled on an '01 Pontiac Montana with 80,000 miles on it. It only had 1 owner prior to us and she took great care of it. It has the latch system which is a huge plus and front wheel drive. It has the 8 seats (YES!) and the back seats roll forward to produce more space in the back for hauling stuff. It has one automatic door and lots of compartments for all the things that I want to store. 

I want to publicly thank my hubby for driving an hour and a half away to go with me to get it and for my lovely mother-in-law for watching our girls so that we did not have to take them with us!

Welcome to the family, Monty!


  1. I'm already picturing 4 carseats, 2 husbands, 2 chatty girls, a dog, and a partridge in a pear tree:) haha.

  2. we're right behind you with the van thing :) looks nice

  3. It looks real nice, Krista!

    I am a bit concerned about Meggan's comment though. She does know that you are not a part of that "religion" that authorizes bigamy, correct?

    I'm just saying! (Love ya, Meg!)

    Looking forward to seeing the van in person with all of its contents!


  4. Such a blessing Krista! So happy for You! It's not fun being cramped! We have a Tundra...truck... I really want a Suv...but counting my blessings with our roomy truck...plus it's ok bc we only have one little guy!


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