Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cookie Confession

So, a while back I made the "best ever chocolate chip cookies" and labeled them okay but not fabulous.

Now I must confess. When I made the cookies I did not have unsalted butter. And before you consider me a failure, I googled what I could do without having to go to the store and everything I read said that I could use my salted butter and just eliminate the salt.

I did not feel like it was that big of a deal.

I was wrong, reader. It was a big deal.

One night I wanted some cookies and had some unsalted butter and decided to give the recipe another chance since I LOVED working with the actual dough.

The cookies were really good. While the cookies are still not fabulous, the recipe is now my go-to recipe for chocolate chip cookies.

They are super easy to make, the dough is amazing to work with, and the cookies taste good.

Win. Win. Win.

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