Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Toy

For the past several months Kaylee has been waking up off and on crying and scared. When you go into her room, you see her with her butt up in the air holding her legs up because "the toy" is under her covers.

Let me give you a little background. She had not seen any Toy Story until yesterday. The only two movies that she had watched are Monsters Inc. and Tangled, neither one of which have a scary "toy".

Night after night we would tell her that there was nothing to be afraid of and tuck her back in.

Two nights ago "the toy" was found.

We were all downstairs. Adam and the girls were in the main room and I was emptying the dryer. The conversation went like this:

Kaylee: MOM!!!!!
Me: Yes Kaylee.
Kaylee: MOM!!!! WHERE ARE YOU????
Me: I am in the laundry room, Kaylee. What do you need?
Kaylee: MOM!!! (she appears in the laundry room) I SEE THE TOY!!!!
Me: What? (reality of what she said sets in) OH!!! Well, let's go see it!
Kaylee: OK! (turns around and leads me to the toy bucket) RIGHT THERE! (pointing wildly)

I pulled out "the toy" and asked her if she wanted me to show her how it worked and was frantically advised that she did not want to see it work. Adam suggested throwing it away and Kaylee was all about that! She walked with me to the trash and we threw it away.

What is "the toy"?

Here is a video of Kaylee and her friend playing with "the toy" around her 1st birthday.

I guess I can see why she would be afraid.

Hopefully, the toy's death by trash can will be the end of the nightmares. 


  1. I've always thought they might be possessed. Kaylee's insight has confirmed my suspicions.

  2. That little thing looks REAL!!! I can see why she would be afraid it was after her!


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