Tuesday, January 24, 2012

One Exhausted Momma

Today was not a good day. It started bad right from the beginning.

Kaylee woke up crying while Adam was getting ready for work. I was tired so I told her to come get in bed with me. (What was I thinking? - Oh wait I wasn't thinking because I was not even really awake.) Anyways, after an hour and a half of her tossing and turning I told her that she was going back to her bed and I just wanted 20 more minutes to sleep before I would come get her. She protested for all of 1 minute, went back to sleep, and slept for another hour. (Praise God!)

The entire morning was spent on household chores. Mainly folding laundry and doing dishes. The girls played well this morning and Ella seemed content so I did not put her down for her nap.(Maybe that was where I made my mistake.)

Kaylee did not nap this afternoon. (Not all that surprising, but it made her extra ferocious afterwards.)

Ella woke up whiny. Extra whiny. I know she has about 4 teeth trying to make an appearance, but seriously Momma can only handle so much of the constant crying.

Kaylee was so defiant. Everything was turned into a "how can I challenge Momma on this" event.

Kaylee locked herself out of her room.

Adam ended up working late.

This Momma is tired. Not sleepy and in a time of rest sort of way. I am just emotionally drained. Exhausted of all the comforting and disciplining I did today.

To top things off Kaylee ended the evening with peeing her pants right before bed time. Potty training is overrated.

There was one upside to today. Through multiple people, books, and passages of Scripture, I have felt God calling me to check my words and make sure that they are beneficial to those that are hearing them. Specifically my children. Sometimes I say things that I regret. Neither of the girls understand what I am saying, but it bothers me that I have said them to them. Things like: You are getting on my nerves. or You are really frustrating me. Today I had a breakthrough of sorts with myself. I caught my self starting to say something of this nature to Kaylee and was able to catch the words before letting them spill out. Instead, I just told her that I love her. (Not easy to say either when you are in that situation.) I would not consider this something that I could check off and say, YAY that one is done, but I definitely feel like I am finally headed in the right direction.

Now the girls are in bed and the house is quiet.

If you have a minute could you pray for me? Pray that God will help me not be down in the dumps (This weather is really getting to me.) and that He will just lift me up, sustain me, and continue to mold me into a Mommy that reflects Him.  Also, if after reading this God reminded you of another Momma that is maybe faced with a similar situation, would you pray for them as well?

We need all the prayer we can get.


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