Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Top Ten Things I NEVER Thought I Would Say As A Parent

As a parent, I have come to the realization that sometimes that things that come out of my mouth surprise me and make me laugh. Here is my current

Top Ten Things I NEVER Thought I Would Say as a Parent:

10. "Your diaper needs to stay on your bottom, not go on your baby." - Try not laughing when you walk in to your toddler's room and see her sitting in her own pee all because she put her dry diaper on her baby.

9. "Stay out of the toilet!" - Who knew the Sims game was so right when it came to babies? Ella is fast! She hears the toilet flush and she magically appears right next to it, pulling herself up to reach in and touch the water before I can stop her.

8. "Please stop putting toy dishes in your sister's clothes." - One night I could not figure out why Ella would not just lay down and drink her bottle. Finally, after holding her a few minutes I realized that she had a spoon under her back inside of her pajamas. No wonder.

7. "Girls, stop licking the gate!" - Tastes like chicken?

6. "Standing on your sister is not an option." - I wish I could know what is going on in their little heads.

5. "Molly (Kaylee's baby doll) does not go in the toilet." - Apparently the toilet is a doll bathtub. (Sidenote: no toy should go in the toilet.)

4. "Do not put your fingers in the cat's nose!" - It is bad enough when they put their fingers in their own noses!

3. "Please keep your fingers out of your poop." - What is with their interest with touching it? Ew!

2. "Do not throw the cat down the stairs!" - I knew the poor cat would get his tailed pulled and his whiskers yanked, but really.

1. "Keep it in the toilet, please." - I have girls. I never ever thought I would have to figure out ways to help my daughter not pee all over the seat. and the floor. and herself.

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  1. Thanks for adding the cat ones! They made me laugh when I heard them and now again with the other eight!


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