Monday, March 19, 2012

Ella's First Year In One Post

Today my sweet Ella turned 1 and boy did she wake up cranky.

We tried to put her down for a short nap before family and friends arrived, but she was not having that. She wanted to be awake and did not mind being grumpy.

I was looking back over the past year of Ella's life and spent some time just remembering.

Even though she was late, she entered the world super fast!

The first 3 months after she was born we were trying to figure out why she a)spit-up 90% of her food b)cried ALL the time c)could not stand laying down flat and d)would not sleep laying down flat.

By month 3 she was on some incredible medicine that helped with what we figured out was reflux. She still spit-up, but we were finally able to see a little of her personality and spirit come out as she began to cry a lot less.

Months 4,5, and 6 were spent getting into a routine and getting to know our little bear. She started laughing all the time and sitting up during these months. Spit-up was still a huge part of her life, but the medicine was still working fabulously.

Month 6 she started solids and I started weaning her off of the medication. She did great! She also started scooting around the house on her bottom. She loved going wherever Kaylee was.

Months 7, 8, and 9 she started crawling, but still preferred scooting on her bottom. Spit-up was finally becoming a thing of the past. She also started trying to talk.

Months 10 and 11 she started to get some teeth finally and crawling became her primary way to get around. She got really sick and had to be put on breathing treatments for a few weeks. Once she was better, she started pulling up on the furniture and cruising around.

Now she is cruising everywhere and trying to talk more and more. I cannot believe a year has come and gone!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

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