Thursday, March 22, 2012


Since about November of last year, I have felt God moving in my heart and in my life through a multitude of Bible studies, lessons, and events. I feel like I am bursting at the seams because I have intended to share this with you for a long time, but with the busyness of life I have not had the chance to just sit and write. Right now I have the chance so here it goes.

It started with reading the book called "My So-Called Life as a Proverbs 31 Wife". In reading this book and reading Proverbs 31 itself,  God showed me that there are areas of my life that I need to do better at maintaining. Specifically my time. More time being like the Proverbs 31 woman and less time sitting around on the internet. More time with my girls and less time playing games on my phone.

This particular lesson was also impressed on my heart through a series of lessons that our highschoolers were hearing on Sundays about making your focus daily be Jesus. Having Him be your whole life, your identity. While I had always tried to make time for Him, I have found this to always be something I have struggled with. The reality was that I was going at it all wrong. My focus was more on just spending time with Him because I had been taught that it was important. My focus needed to be on making the time because I desire for my relationship to be deeper and more meaningful. Since this moment of realization, I have found that if my heart is in the right place so is my relationship with Him.

Adam asked me to listen to some sermons by Mark Driscoll and little did I know they would be life changing as well. The first few were about what marriage should look like and how we should be friends with our spouse. Good stuff, but nothing too convicting. Then, he spoke on being a respectful wife. My favorite quote was "If there is disrespect in how you think of him (your husband), there will be disrespect in how you feel about him. And it comes out in your speech. This is one of the reasons it is really important to regularly be praying for your husband. Because it conditions you on how to speak about your husband." - Mark Driscoll The Respectful Wife Sermon. God has really shown me that my thoughts are not as they should be when it comes to Adam. These sermons have also shown me some areas where I still have quite a bit of selfishness to work on.

Speaking of my selfishness, about a month ago I went on a retreat with our senior high youth group as a leader and the biggest thing that stood out to me throughout the weekend's sermons was how selfish I can be with my time. Isn't it amazing how God just continues to point to areas of our lives through multiple different ways to bring us back to the same issue. He wants my time. Stop being lazy. Get up. Get my Bible. Read it. Talk to Him. Life is so much better when I am walking with Him beside me.

To top off all of the things that God has been doing in me, I am currently finishing up a Bible Study called Train Up a Mom. The biggest thing I have taken from this class so far is that I should be praying for my girls. One way to go about this is by praying scripture for them. What a great way to get before the Lord and pray specific things for them.

It has amazed me how when I am willing God shows up and challenges and grows me in ways I never expected. Sometimes it is overwhelming to see all of the areas of my life that still need work, but I am so grateful that He shows them to me and gives me direction in how to work on them. 


  1. Thanks for sharing this Krista! It's very encouraging!

  2. Thanks, Boog!
    I so love that you are doing a great job trying to demonstrate Proverbs 31. I wish, many times I would have been a better leader and have prayed for you and Micheal both, that He would show you both how to be godly parents and spouses.
    Thanks aging for sharing with us.

    I love you,


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