Wednesday, April 18, 2012

5 Strengths - Check

Describe 5 strengths you have.

Sorry it has been so long since my last post. I have been avoiding this, but decided that it is time to attack and conquer.

1. I consider myself to be a good friend. - I place great value in friendship. I have seen friendships come and go over the years and through that I have come to set boundaries for myself and expectations on those that I become friends with. These expectations I apply to myself as well. If I expect a friend to call and see how I am doing, then I better be doing the same for her. If I expect a friend to come visit, then I need to visit her. Relationships require give and take and if I am unwilling to give, then I should not be allowed to take. Being a friend is something I work hard at.

2. I want others to fit in. - Honestly, I don't know what to classify that as, I just have always had a heart for that one person that everyone else ignores. Or that new couple that I see in church. It bugs me when other people ignore the new person or the people that are not like them. As a Christian I feel like the people most out of my comfort zone are the ones that I should be reaching out to. Now let me back up and say that I do not necessarily think that I need to befriend all of those people. I only have so many connectors and I cannot be friends with everybody. However, I can do my best to get them connected with someone that they could be friends with. Example: A new young couple without kids comes to church. They are newlyweds, but around the same age as Adam and I. I feel like I should step out and say hello and introduce myself. I feel like I then she ask a little about them and then introduce them to the leaders of the newly marrieds connection group. Instead of just ignoring them and watching them leave without ever saying anything. We may never really hang out with that couple, but it does not hurt me to say hi when I see them and encourage them to join different things going on at church.

3. I have deeply rooted compassion. - It hurts my heart to see broken people. I know several people that are currently struggling with different health issues, some of which are life threatening. My heart weeps for them. I know others that are dealing with intense life circumstances that are draining them. My heart weighs heavy for them. This compassion drives me to my knees for people I don't even know. People that I want to help, but cannot do anything more for. Compassion encompasses all sorts of people in all kinds of situations and I know that this is something that God uses in my life to draw me to Him and meet with Him about those things.

4. I am an encourager. - I want others to succeed so I encourage. I know I always do a better job when I know someone is there to encourage me along. So, maybe others are the same way. If I know someone that needs encouragement, I try to lend a hand.

5. I am hospitable. - Hosting is one of my favorite things to do. I love having people over and knowing that they had a great time. Since we have young kids, my hosting has slowed down a lot, but we still have our game days that we do once a month. I enjoy having people in the house, feeding them something yummy, and then sending them on their way. When my girls are older, I look forward to having slumber parties and get-togethers. I want people to feel like family when they come to my house.

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  1. YAY! You finally did it!! :)
    And I see in you everything you just wrote about.
    And I love you for it.


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