Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Embarrassing Moment - Check

Describe your most embarrassing moment.

This one is so easy for me.

My most embarrassing moment was in the 3rd grade. I had a broken arm and was not allowed to go to P.E. so I stayed in the classroom and wrote on the chalkboard. Normally, this would not be a bad situation as I enjoyed doodling on the board.

Let me back- up a little.

Our school had a pretty tight policy that said that in order to call home, you have to have a form filled out by your teacher saying that you have permission, who you are calling, and what number they can be reached at.

Ok, back to the story. So I had to pee really bad and my teacher was not in the room. Being the good little school girl that I was, I waited. And waited. And waited some more.

She finally came back to the room and told me that I could use the restroom. Then, she said that she was going to pick up the rest of my class from P.E. and would be right back.

Did I mention I had a broken arm?

Well, I get into the bathroom and into the stall and gave my body the feeling that it relief was on the way. Only... I could not get the button on my shorts to cooperate. Yep. You guessed it. I peed my pants in the stall of the bathroom.

And I could not call home because I needed the form from my teacher.

Who went to get my WHOLE CLASS.

So again I waited. Behind the door. And when my teacher came back in she did not see my frantic wave or hear me call her name. So I waited until my friend came in and I asked her to get the teacher for me.

To make matters even worse, once I got to the office, the office ladies were all, "Awwww! We are so sorry, hun!" They went on and on for what felt like forever.

It was the most embarrassing thing I have ever experienced.

(And I never wore those shorts again.)

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