Friday, May 18, 2012


Lately, I have been feeling very discouraged and sad.

It started when my Mom called and told me that she had breast cancer. After a roller coaster of maybe it is cancer, maybe it isn't... it was determined to be cancer.

Cancer is so common now days that when my friend told me a couple of years ago that her Mom had been diagnosed with it, I never really thought through the fullness of the situation. I asked her about it off and on, but in looking back I realize that I was not a good friend. I should have checked-in more often. (I am very sorry, friend.)

Cancer - even though it is common - is still very scary, no matter the severity of it.

I cannot even begin to express the emotion that poured over me when my Mom spoke those words to me. So many questions. What kind of cancer? What stage? Is it curable? Has it spread? Is it what caused her other health issues? Will she die from this? If so, how long does she have? What should we expect next? When is her surgery? Who can I get to take the girls so that I can help her during and after surgery?

Thankfully, the kind of cancer my Mom has does not spread to the rest of the body if you treat it right away. The downside is that her chances of getting another form of breast cancer within 5-10 years is very high if she chooses not to have a full mastectomy.

I am so sad for my Mom to have to make this decision. Glad that she will not be facing chemo. Sad that she will still have a long road of recovery and doctor's visits. Sad that she does not live closer to me so that I can help out more.

*Please be praying for my Mom. They are also moving to Wisconsin at the end of June and the surgery is still not even scheduled. Her doctors are saying 4-6 week recovery and at this point it looks like the surgery will be 3 weeks before they move, possibly even later. It is just a lot to handle right now with packing, cleaning, and doctor's appointments. Thanks!


  1. We'll be praying!

  2. Praying for your mom and for all of you.

  3. Love you friend. Love you Melinda.


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