Friday, June 8, 2012

Dry Socket

So a little over two weeks ago, I had my wisdom teeth removed. Let me tell you, this is not something I would ever want to experience again. It was painful and the Vicodin made me super sick. I decided that the prime time to have these suckers taken out are when you are still living at home and your parents are there to doctor you and feed you milkshakes.

Anyways, after two weeks of serious continuous pain that I constantly was whining about to poor Adam, I went in on Tuesday and had what I consider another painful procedure. I have a dry socket and they have this thing that they stick down into the hole to cover the wound to help it heal. Painful.


It was almost instant relief. And my mouth did not hurt for TWO WHOLE DAYS!!!

So, yesterday I had to go get it removed and have something that dissolves since I will not be able to get back up there for a while.

He said it would taste the same as the other stuff, but this one tastes worse in my opinion.

However, it feels AWESOME so I can live with the nasty taste.

So, all of that to say - if you don't have your wisdom teeth out and you still live with your parents, get them out now. You will be glad you did.

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