Friday, June 1, 2012

Love Language - check

What is your love language?

I shared this a while back, but my love language is words of affirmation. I honestly wish it was something else. Like acts of service. I feel like it is a lot easier to do stuff for someone than it is to affirm them with words.

I think Kaylee has the same love language so I have to really work at telling her "Good job!" or "You are so kind!" I am still not sure what Ella's is but I am leaning towards physical touch. She is such a cuddler.

Adam is definitely acts of service. He feels loved if I have the girls dressed, the house cleaned, and the dinner ready when he gets home.

While each of us have one specific language that we "speak" the most, the truth is that loving someone takes a conscious effort on our part. So usually I feel most loved when Adam tells me that I am beautiful and that he appreciates what I do around the house, but some days I may just need for him to sit down and talk with me or give me a hug.

Love takes work.

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