Monday, June 18, 2012

My Momma is Tough

My parents are what I consider young parents.  I have always thought that my days of seeing my parents suffer would not come until I was in my 40's. Little did I know that my Mom would get breast cancer.

I have been given the honor to help Daddy take care of her this week while he finishes up packing and getting ready to move. (Thank you to my in-laws for taking care of my sweet babies so I could be here without worrying if they are alright.)

First let me say, my Mom is tough. She is doing her best to hold off from taking the pain meds in hopes to not be on it for too long. She does not whine about the pain even when it is clearly obvious that she is in pain.  

I had no idea what it would be like for my Mom. She has drains that have to be emptied every few hours that if moved the wrong way pulls on her scars. There is a cream that has to be rubbed on the wound to help it heal and dry out. The scars from reconstruction run along the bottom of her belly. Her medication and antibiotic mess her stomach up causing bloating which strains the scars. Since she was under for so long during surgery she has to do breathing treatments to help retrain her lungs.

I was not prepared for seeing my Momma struggle. I was prepared to see her strength and she has proved to be as strong as an ox.

Thank you all for your prayers.

Please keep them coming.

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