Friday, September 7, 2012


So a while back I posted about my motivational dress. In June I was finally able to put it on and not feel fat and frumpy. Here I am in it during my prime work-out time. Felt fabulous about myself and was so glad to see my hard work pay off!

Sadly, I traveled a lot over the summer and the work-out regime went down the drain with the healthy eating and while I have not put much weight back on, I am feeling quite jiggly again. I want to feel good about myself again and now is as good of time as any. RIGHT?!? All of that to say, Adam and I started our competition/challenge back up on Tuesday of this week. We have added our own personal goals to be met at the end or we cannot receive the yet to be determined super awesome motivating prize.

With that being said, do you guys have any recommendations of good scales that our moderately cheap? I don't need one to tell me that I am 97% fat or anything. Just a simple, you weigh ###. By cheap I mean like in the $30 or less range.

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