Friday, October 26, 2012

You Will WANT to Read This

I HAVE to share this amazing story of how great God is and how He used my cousin's story to save another baby's life.

***Please keep in mind that this is not a political post, it is to testify to God's goodness and grace.***

SO, my Uncle Joel posted this sweet blip about his daughter Paulina on Facebook and I thought it was pretty cool so I decided to share it on my page. This is what it said:

"Today, my heart feels broken for young women who are dealing with unplanned pregnancies - wondering what they should do.

Around this time of year, six years ago, a young Mexican teenager found out she was pregnant. Too young to care for her baby; especially a baby with special challenges - she could have aborted her precious gift.

Instead, she chose life. She courageously and painfully chose life.

That burden she carried for nine months - and still carries with her in her heart today, became one of our most incredible blessings.

To the nameless, valiant young woman in Mexico - thank you for bringing Paulina into the world. May you experience God's fullness and loving embrace through those who are following Him!"

Well, the next day when I got up I had a comment on my status that still gives me goosebumps and makes me tear up when I read it from my friend Jeni from college. Check it out:

"Krista please pass this on to your uncle, I volunteer at the Republican Party of Milwaukee County’s office, and a women came in yelling about what a terrible person Mitt Romney is how dare he medal in women’s choices. And can I as a self respecting women ever vote for him. I had just finished reading this on facebook, so I read it to her and showed her this beautiful picture. Instantly she burst into tears she couldn't even talk, after she calmed down she gave me a huge hug and proceeded to tell me that she just came from planned parenthood right up the road and found out she was pregnant. She had made an appointment to have an abortion, (it was at planned parenthood she read a poster about how Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan are against abortion and want to outlaw it) But after seeing this beautiful girl's picture she put a face on her unborn baby and realized it truly was a living thing. After sitting, talking and praying with her. I gave her my phone number and the number to a crisis pregnancy organization in Milwaukee. But she assured me that she couldn't abort this baby, and she wanted me to thank the person who posted this and give an extra big hug to this beautiful little girl, because you all saved a child’s life.

Please keep Ashandi & her unborn baby in your prayers, that she truly can make the hard choice of giving this baby life. I just had to share this amazing story with you & your family. I will definitely keep you all posted if I hear anything more."

Isn't that AMAZING???? Only God could have orchestrated those chain of events. I was so excited that I couldn't help but share it with you!!!

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