Friday, January 25, 2013

"Good" Guy vs. "Good Guy"

Lately I have been thinking about the difference between what the world considers a good guy and what I consider a good guy. And I think it has everything to do with where you put the emphasis.

A good guy by the world's standards is someone that has a good heart. Maybe he is sensitive to the needs of others. He listens and gives good advice. He genuinely cares about others. He is a "good" guy.

A good guy by my standard is actually also by God's standard. He is someone that leads me in my walk with God. He challenges me to be a better person not only in the way I live, but also in the condition of my heart. A man who is worthy of respect. He saves his body for me. He has his own personal relationship with the living God and follows Him daily with his own life. He is a "good guy".

As my girls start to grow and develop, I want to help them understand that there is such a huge difference. The man I desire for their life is a "good guy" and they may stumble upon "good" guys that seem worthy of their attention. But I pray that they will be able to discern the difference for themselves and look for a Godly man to love and cherish them. That they see their Daddy and want a man just like him. And they see our marriage as one that they hope to some day have their marriage reflect.

I am so grateful I have a "good guy".

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