Saturday, February 9, 2013

5 Day Check-In

My 5 day results made me super happy! I worked hard and it really paid off!

Butt: -1 and 1/2 inches
Hips: -1 inch
Waist: -1 and 1/2 inches
Thighs: -1 and 1/2 inches
Neck: -0 inches
Weight: -3.8 pounds :)

I think the biggest thing that helped was adding another 32 ounces of water to my day. I hate water so I have been adding some flavor to make it easier to handle. Thank you Propel for your kiwi strawberry.

Also, I have only had ice cream once in the past week. This is definitely God helping me overcome the temptation to eat it. Ice cream seriously is my weakness.

Only 9 pounds to go to reach my goal weight.

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