Saturday, February 23, 2013

Heaven Is For Real

Have you read it?

It is a pretty quick read. And a very interesting story.

There were lots of things that made me believe that it was a true story. And a few things that made me think that maybe this family was just a little crazy.

Either way, I found it to be very comforting.  Specifically the chapter where the little boy, Colton, talks about meeting his sister that his parents had miscarried. In the story he talks about how this little girl ran up to him and just kept hugging him. He described to his parents the details of what she looks liked.  And how she told him she died in his Mommy's tummy.

Whether or not it is true, I found comfort in the mental image that it gave me. My sweet baby is in Heaven with Jesus and I firmly believe that. But before this chapter of this book I hadn't given much thought to what that meant.

My sweet baby got to avoid a life of heartache and pain and have a full life of joy and peace. Already with Jesus, I never have to worry about his or her spiritual walk. I picture him or her walking with Jesus and holding His hand along the way.

In this book, Colton had issues with every picture of Jesus until he saw one painted by another little girl that claims to have seen Heaven in visions. She painted this picture of Jesus at age 8. It is truly remarkable. If you want to see more art by this little girl, check it out here.

I recommend this book to anyone facing loss of any kind. Not for the truth that it holds necessarily, but for the comfort that it brings the heart through thinking through the possibilities that Heaven holds.

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