Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Last 10 Days

First, I have to admit I skipped a day. My stomach was in knots because Ella had been sick and it makes me sick seeing her sick so yeah I skipped a day.

So these are my last 2 check-in results.

Sadly, day 15 did not bring any good changes. In fact the only change that happened was gaining .6 pounds. I moved up to level 2 so I attribute the .6 pounds to the change in muscle usage.

Day 20 is today. Here are my results:
Butt -1/2 an inch
Hips -1 and a 1/2 inches
Waist -1 inch
Thighs -1 inch
Neck -1/2 an inch (SO weird to measure my neck, but thanks to myfitnesspal it has me all curious now)
Weight - .8 pounds

I sort of expected more weight loss because the whole time Elanor was sick I was living on toast and water, but I also was not pushing myself hard in my work-out. But hey it is .8 pounds. :)

This week I am taking time off of calorie counting. It is just such a pain to do. BUT I am still trying not to completely overindulge. Don't want my shred to go to waste. Too much work to not really put forth 100%. Starting Monday, back to calorie counting.

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