Monday, May 6, 2013

Kaylee's Kidbits and Ella's Endeavors

It has been a while since I have updated you on the girls so instead of writing separate blogs for them, I am doing them together this time around.

Kaylee is so grown up. She just looks like a big kid. Some of it is that she has always been on the tall side, but sometimes she just comes over and says things and Adam and I are just in shock at how old she seems.

Elanor is also tall and seeming big as of late. Her vocabulary has grown and we can almost understand everything she says. My favorite words she says right now are flip-flops and vitamin. I just like the way she says them. It is pretty cute.

Kaylee is taking gymnastics and I feel like it has been such a good experience for her. She loves to practice her tumbles and warm-ups at home. I love watching her.

Elanor is finally jumping. She has been trying for months and this morning I finally saw her feet come off of the ground together.

Kaylee is finally alright with sleeping with her door closed and we no longer leave the bathroom light on for her. This is leaps and bounds from where we started when she moved into her room before Ella was born.

Elanor is starting to potty train. I am hoping the process is quicker with her since she has Kaylee to help coach her and encourage her along side of me. She also has never been fond of diapers so I am hoping that helps as well.

Both girls love playing together. Kaylee is a much more introverted and likes to play by herself at least once a day, but overall they can play together nicely for hours. (As long as I don't have anything important to do like make phone calls.)

They are both very fascinated by the baby. Kaylee understands that the baby is growing in my belly and loves to know as much as possible about the baby. Ella just loves babies in general and so she loves to hear about the baby even though I don't think she understands that we are having another baby.

The girls are growing up so fast and sometimes it is hard to keep up. It is one of those things I don't think you ever get used to as a parent. Time just flies once you have children!

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