Friday, June 21, 2013

Into the lake

There are times as a parent that I feel the pressure to do something that I don't want to do.

This week I felt that pressure.

We went down to Arkansas for my Nanny's 80th Birthday and while we were down there we stayed with my parents in their camper. We went thinking that at some point we would take the girls swimming, but when Adam had to leave to go back home to get back to work I knew that we most likely would not end up going down to the lake.

Kaylee kept asking to go swimming "with the fish in the lake" and so the parental pressure was on. Let me provide you with a little background. I absolutely hate swimming in lakes in general. The bottom feels disgusting and overall the experience grosses me out.

But since Kaylee really wanted to go, I took her and Elanor down to the lake for a quick swim. And honestly hated every minute of the actual swim which was more of a wade (on painful rocks) with 2 clinging children.

But I am so glad I took them.

They learned more about trusting me and that they can let go a little and know that I will still catch them. (and in this case not let them drown) I was able to see their excitement about going into the water and see them go from not trusting at all to relinquishing complete control over to me. They both had so much fear in the beginning, but by the end had complete faith in my ability to keep them safe.

This is such a beautiful reminder to me of how I am with God at times. I go in excited but completely lacking in faith and come out of it trusting and completely willing to give my control of the situation over to Him.

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