Sunday, July 28, 2013

Doctor Who

Several months ago Adam convinced me to watch an episode of Doctor Who that was recommended to him. Not too long after that we were finishing all of the seasons on Netflix.

There are several cheesy episodes. But there are a lot of really really great episodes. The character development is amazing and honestly that is really what pulled me in.

In the 1st season they draw you in with the Doctor and his traveling companion Rose. I don't want to give the story away for those that haven't seen the show, but by the end of first season you can see the love between Rose and the Doctor.

Season 2 introduces David Tennant as the Doctor and wow. Let me just say that he is a fabulous actor. He can say so much without ever saying a word. He simply makes a face and you know exactly what he is thinking. Season 2 ends with me in tears and we will just leave it at that.

During season 3 you get to know Martha Jones. She is strong, brave, and can hold her own. She gives the show a new feel from the companion side of things. While the Doctor still has to save Martha at times, she is perfectly capable of handling things. Where Rose was always the damsel in distress, Martha just seems to be more of a sidekick.

Season 4 is simply incredible. Mostly because David Tennant is amazing. Donna Noble enters the scene as the companion and it is fun to watch her interact with the Doctor as what almost seems to be siblings or a couple that has been married for ages. This season also brings in Riversong and she gives the sense that she and the Doctor have an interesting history.

The 5th season brings in Matt Smith as the Doctor and also brings Amelia Pond into the story. Amelia Pond might be my favorite companion in the 6 seasons. Mostly because she loves the Doctor, but not in the way the others have. She is in love with Rory. And while she loves the adventure that the Doctor brings, she is not in love with him. 

The final season on Netflix is 6. Matt Smith took a little while to get used to as the Doctor, but finally grew on me by the end. I am not sure if he progressively got better or if I just became used to him playing the part finally that I liked him more.

I look forward to seeing season 7 and on.

If you can handle somewhat creepy/occasionally scary and you like watching shows other than the typical crime or police show, then you should try this show. Start with season 3 episode 11 just to give it a try. If you like it, then jump into season 1. Let me know what you think. 

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