Sunday, August 11, 2013


This past week I had the joy of spending the week with two of the best people the world has to offer and their wonderful families. My best gal pals, Kim and Meggan.

As we were hanging out I was thinking about what I love about these two ladies and why they are each important to me.

I first met Kim as she was coming out of my room. When she saw me, I gave her a strange look and she took off running to her room. I chased her up to her room questioning her on why she was in my room. After several hours convincing me she was just "looking around" we decided to room together and became fast friends.

Meggan and I were not friends right away. We spent the first semester avoiding one another because of a few misunderstandings. During the summer though, Meggan began to write me and it gave us the opportunity to get past those misunderstandings and really get to know one another. Our friendship took time, but started out on a solid foundation.

The big difference between these two wonderful ladies and all of my other close friends comes down to one thing.


These girls knew me as a single lady. As a freshman. As simply me.

Then, they watched and encouraged me in my relationship with Adam. They were there when we got engaged. And they were beside me when Adam and I got married. They continue to challenge me even now in my relationship with him.

They saw us go from a couple, to a couple with a cat, to a couple with two (almost three) girls.

They are like family to me.

And I hope that they are always in my life.

I look forward to seeing them again soon.

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