Wednesday, October 30, 2013

39 Weeks

Well, I made it to 39 weeks. It is hard to believe that 39 weeks have flown by. Flown is probably not the right word. Most weeks have crawled by. Especially the weeks that we were trying to sell our house. 

But here we are. I am quite ready to meet this little girl. Sleep has become uncomfortable and rare. Walking and getting things done have been difficult.

There is this tiny part of me that wants the pregnancy to last a little longer. Since this will be our last pregnancy, I would like to savor those last precious kicks, nudges, and hiccups. Hearing that heartbeat at the appointments and seeing my completely round tummy in the mirror. (still so strange and new to me)  

This is the first pregnancy that my belly button has popped. (I have a freckle on the inside of my belly button and never knew!) This is the first pregnancy that I have craved salt instead of sugar. (Hello McDonald's fries.) And the first pregnancy that I have actually nested. (Cleaning is done and I am making homemade bread.) It is truly amazing to me that with all 3 girls I have had some major differences between pregnancies.

Hopefully, our newest addition will be the focus of my next post. :)

Happy Wednesday and happy 39 weeks to me! The end is in sight!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

My Reflection

In our old house all of our mirrors were high. So when I looked at my reflection, I simply saw myself from the chest and up.

One of the last days in the old house, I went in to put some laundry away in Kaylee's room and was surprised by the very pregnant woman looking back at me. Her dresser is usually stacked high with pillows so I still only get the partial view of myself, but this day the pillows were on the floor.

Our new house gives me the whole view of myself every time I go to the bathroom. It still amazes me how surprised I am by my pregnant reflection. We have been in the house for 5 days now, you would think I would be used to it. I know that I am pregnant and have been for 35 weeks, but seeing myself pregnant is crazy weird.

I am looking forward to the last few weeks of my pregnancy and getting to watch my belly grow before Charlotte arrives. Maybe I will even be able to tell when she drops. :)

Craziness of the Last Few Weeks

These last several weeks have been super crazy!

Our computer broke. Which was the best timing ever since we weren't spending any money on buying a new house or anything. (Total sarcasm here people.) We ended up just having it fixed, but seriously just got it back yesterday. Needless to say, I have missed all of you and I am so excited to be blogging again.

We closed on both of our houses, the one we were selling and the one we were buying, on last Wednesday. We slowly moved over stuff to the new house, but had two massive hauls on Saturday with some fabulous help. Thank you to all who helped and that includes wives that watched their children so that their husbands could help!

Pause. I also want to say thank you to my buddy from highschool, Jonathan, as he helped us think of new ways to negotiate our contract with the people we were buying the house from. These ideas helped us win in the bidding war and get the house. Thanks so much Jonathan! Ok back to the craziness.

I thought for sure that I was going to go into labor because of all the contractions I was having, but thankfully baby girl stayed put.

This week has been small amounts of unpacking, but mostly cleaning, cooking, and never-ending laundry. 

My goal is to catch you up on our lives over the next week or so and to also finish up Blogtember. I hate that I missed it. 

How have you all been?

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