Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Great Friday

Yesterday was one of the best Fridays that I have had in a while. The day started early with a bottle for Charlotte. And yes I am real tired.

She is so sweet to feed. She always props her hand up on her head.

After she was finished with her bottle and the girls were finished with their oatmeal that Papa made for them, they did some tummy time.

Of course I had to have my breakfast during this time.

When tummy time was finished the girls got dressed. Ella and I looked at old picture albums.

Papa gave Kaylee a horse ride.

 And Momma gave the girls some surprise Barbie doll dresses. 

While the grandparents entertained my children, I straightened my hair.

And cleaned the bathroom.

Then, we all went to run errands.

Finishing up the errands at Chickfila's play place.

When we got back from errands it was time for naps and for Charlotte to eat again.

After I fed Charlotte and put her to bed, Adam and I got caught up on Survivor.

And wrapped Ella's birthday presents.

Then, I made dinner and we all ate.

My Mema and Pepa flew in for the weekend for Charlotte's dedication and joined us for dinner. Charlotte was named after my Mema. Mema fed Charlotte her dinner.

Pepa gave her cuddles after dinner.

Bedtime for all three girls came quickly after dinner. I put Charlotte to bed last.

And finished the evening by watching Catching Fire with Adam and my parents.

Such a good day.


  1. I gotta say Charlotte in her crib is incredibly cute!!

  2. Charlotte's tummy time... wow!! That girl is learning quick! So cute and so thankful for such a good day for you!! Wish I could've said hi to your family while they were here!!

  3. Charlotte is growing so quickly!


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