Thursday, February 25, 2016


Adam was teasing me the other day about my need to make birthdays a big deal.  Today as I was making Elanor's birthday invitations that conversation played over in my head.

I'm sure some of my desire comes from the fact that my birthday comes right after Christmas. I like to pick on my parents about all of my birthday cards being belated ones. My birthday was/is hard to remember. I mean we did just celebrate Jesus so I totally get it. He definitely deserves the bigger bash.

But I think the bigger deal for me is the reality that life is short. People don't live forever here. During the ho hum day-to-day it is easy to take the people around you for granted. Holidays like Valentine's Day and Father's Day remind us to remember that we care for the people in our lives. Sure Adam tells me he loves me. But on Valentine's Day and our anniversary, he has to really think about it. Why does he love me? What does he love about me? And then he tells me.

This is why birthdays are extra special to me. As Ella is about to turn 5, I truly think on the things that make her unique and all of the reasons I love her. And so we celebrate. We will have family and a few friends over. We will eat cake and ice cream. She will feel loved and cared about. Truly celebrated on her birthday.

And for me, well, I will remember. And be grateful for another year under my parenting belt.

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