Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Blogging once again.

I decided to start blogging again. I had a blog in highschool and in my first years of college, but once I joined facebook I lost interest. However, I have occasionally written notes about my comings and goings. I guess what peeked my interest in blogging again was the movie Julie and Julia. It made me truly miss ranting and raving about life and all that my own personally in-tells. So here is the beginning...

My husband, Adam and I have been married for almost 5 years. Other than family he is the only person that I have spent over 2-3 years of my life with. I mean I have "known" people for that long, but to actually live close to and remain close to for that long is monumental for me. My family moved a lot growing up making friendships come and go. It amazes me that I have known him for going on 7 years. He is pretty great and I am excited to see us make that 5 year mark!

My daughter, Kaylee, is now almost 10 months old. It is really crazy how fast time flies. It is so weird to call myself a Mom. I know one day I will blink and she will be getting married and having children of her own. She has started throwing temper tantrums. Hopefully, this will pass. I think my cute little angel is still in there somewhere.

This weekend was difficult. My Mom has been sick for several years with something that seems to stump all doctors. This past weekend she had an episode where she had severe pain in her chest and could hardly breathe which landed her in the ER pretty much all day on Saturday. They ran every test they could think of and everything came back normal even though they could see that something was wrong with her. They had her on oxygen the entire time she was there. It is really stressful to be 4 hours away. I wish we lived closer during moments like these. As I said earlier, my Mom has been sick for a while, but this weekend it really hit me. My Mom is my closest friend and mentor. I need her. She gives me wisdom and advice. She answers my questions and tells me when I am being unreasonable. It is hard enough being far away, I do not think I could handle not having her at all. Please pray that a doctor would step forward and be curious enough to figure out what is wrong with her and hopefully something to help her get better.

The school year is almost over. Only 3 weeks left! I am so excited for the summer! I plan on spending some days at the park, keeping the house clean, having dinner ready when my husband gets home, and hanging out with friends. I have really enjoyed this semester. My kids and I finally have an understanding it seems. They listen and do what they are told and are quiet while they work on homework. It has been a really good way to end out the year!

Joyful Moment of the Day: The current peace and quiet.

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