Friday, June 25, 2010

5 Years and Counting

As I said 2 blogs ago, Adam has been bringing me roses and notes all week.  In all of these notes he has shared his favorite memories from each year.  I have been reflecting on my favorite memories and with that I am going to share them with you!

1. Married student housing - loved it!  It was so fun living doors down from all of my favorite people.  Need eggs? Go next door.  It was such a fun community for us as newlyweds!

2. Seeing all of our closest friends meet their mates and marry them!  What a special blessing to see all of them fall in love and be able to attend their weddings! 

3. Starting a boardgame group in Iowa.  Starting out we really did not have many games.  Acquire was the only game that I enjoyed at the time.  It was really cool though to see our group go from about 5 people regularly to about 20 regularly by the time we left Iowa.  Our collection grew a little bit while we lived there and has grew a ton since we have lived in Indianapolis.

4. The Newlywed Game - Adam hated it.  He would always gripe and complain if we were talking of playing it.  Not because it is not a "strategic boardgame", but because he thought it would always start arguments between us.  I forget what he called it, but he usually mentioned hate, fight, and sleeping on the couch.  (Although, the only time he has slept on the couch was when I was sick all night and my coughing was keeping him awake.)  Either way, playing this with my closest friends was always fun and exciting to learn new things about each other.

5. Softball Games - Adam was on a church league and it was so fun to go with friends to watch them play.  They were the best team the league had. Adam is playing on a league this summer so it has been fun seeing him play again. 

6. Lake Red Rock was always a special place for Adam and I.  We had our first date there, our first kiss, our first dance, and got engaged there.  It was our retreat from Vennard. Public in that there were people always around us, but private in that we did not know those people.  We shared so many dreams about the future there.

7. Finding a church together when we moved to Indiana and getting involved and making friends.  This was a slow process.  We picked a church fairly quickly, but we dragged our feet on the rest of it.  We really became close during that time because we only had one another to hang out with.  We also were able to see our friend group here grow and change.  We went from being the only married couple to being among 12 married couples.  (and that is if I got everyone)  I have really enjoyed our church community here in Indiana.

8. Vacations with our college friends.  This tends to be the one thing I look forward to every year!  I love catching up and hanging out.  I also enjoy traveling with Adam because we can catch up, read together, and laugh while riding in the car!  I hope we continue doing this the rest of our lives!

9. Telling Adam I was pregnant.  It was not exactly how I had planned, but it was the best news that I have ever been able to share with anyone!

10. Having Kaylee!  Probably the best memory so far of our married life.  It was a hard experience, but beautiful beyond words.  She brings more joy to our lives than we could have ever anticipated!  

I truly could go on and on, but I will stop with 10.  It has been a great 5 years and I am excited to see what memories the rest of our lives bring us!

Joyful Moment of the Day: The awesome surprise that I have planned this evening for our anniversary!  I can't wait!

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