Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I was talking to a friend about boardgames yesterday and it got me thinking that I always feel defensive when people start bashing boardgaming.  Ever since I woke up this morning my mind has been replaying the conversation and let me just say my feathers are ruffled.  She was not being a jerk or anything, in fact she was just saying it wasn't for her.

Interesting thought though.

She has never played any of our games.

Now this has really got me thinking.

I think that is why I get so defensive.

Boardgame Soapbox for one brief moment:  Boardgaming is an excellent hobby to have with your spouse.  Most men hate just sitting around and talking.  However, give them something to do and they will be more chatty than a hen.  Can you have deep meaningful conversation through a movie that neither of you have seen? NO!  During boardgames - especially ones you both have played a lot - you can have level 5 conversation and they never even realized it.  It's great!

I guess my point is - Don't knock it 'til you have tried it!

It goes that way for anything, really.  If your favorite hobby is watching sports and someone comes up to you saying, "I dunno why you always watch sports. So lame!  I just do not see how you can enjoy that!" and they themselves have never once watched any sport, then they cannot speak from experience.  They have not tasted the minute by minute action or participated in the competition of rivals in the crowd!  Their opinion is null and void.  You would jump at the chance to say, "No, you have to watch a game - better yet - Let me take you to a game!  You will love it!  You just have to be where the action is!  You will see it differently, I promise!"

If you have not experienced it - you cannot see why it is good (or bad).

So, while my feathers fall back in to place I consider trying harder not to let them get ruffled by these kind of people.

I also challenge you - try something new.  Something you may have never wanted to try before or have maybe even bashed.  (This is not encouraging anything illegal or harmful to the body.)  Better yet - consider your friend's feelings before you start talking down about something they enjoy that you have never even tried.

Joyful Moment of the Day:  This beautiful sunny morning. 

Oh and one last thing, I am not mad or angry.  I am just sharing my opinion on the matter as this is my blog and I can do so on my blog. : )

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