Monday, June 21, 2010

Finally Able to Spill the Beans!!!

I wrote this blog the as soon as I heard my best friend Kim's news.  Now I can finally post it!  Congrats Kim and Chris!

I heard some news yesterday that I have been eagerly waiting for for a while.

My bestie Kimberly is HAVING A BABY!!!!

I am so excited for her!  She has wanted a baby for so long!  She has her first appointment Tuesday and I cannot wait to hear how it goes.  We recently have had a ton of friends have girls.  It would be nice to have a boy in there, but I secretly hope she has a girl as well.  That way we can have all sort of girly things to do when we are together like painting nails, doing hair, and playing barbies.  We would all have girls.  It's fun to think about.  If she has a boy, he will just have to put up the girls making him be the Ken doll.  Then, the girls will be fighting over which barbie Ken likes.  Either way, I am super excited for her to join the baby club.

I am looking forward to conversations about her pregnancy and all she will experience.  I can't wait to compare her pregnancy to my own and to Meggan's.  Every pregnancy is different and it effects everyone differently.  I also can't wait to hear her labor and delivery story and of course to see her little baby!

Having a baby is such a fun life-changing adventure!  I am so excited as she and Chris begin theirs!

Joyful Moment of the Day: Getting this news of course!

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  1. If it's a boy, I call dibbs on an arranged marriage to my Addison. I'm just sayin...... :)


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