Saturday, October 30, 2010

The New Do

I have been contemplating a haircut for months now. Adam likes my hair long and stringy. While I do enjoy a quick ponytail, I also enjoy being able to wear my hair down occasionally.

You can do that with long hair, Krista. Yeah, not my hair.  I have like 3 normal people's hair all put together in one huge thickness in which I used to refer to as the poof.  Until they invented the straightener.

My hair was sooooo long though and sooooo thick that it would take me forever and a day to straighten my hair.

So, after much discussion with Adam about my hair, we agreed that I could cut it off. 

It's amazing how light my head feels.  I think the headaches will be more few and far between with less hair.

I have high hopes that I will be diligent with fixing this "do" and making it worth all of my hairstylist's time and effort.

Anyways, here are the before and after pics.

Joyful Moment of the Day: Having Adam home today and not having anything to do until this evening. It's been a relaxed day.

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