Thursday, November 25, 2010

Top 10 Things I am Thankful For

This time of year makes people stop and think about everything that they are thankful for.  (Hence THANKSgiving.)  So this year I may only give 1 thing that I am grateful for when it comes to be my turn at the table, but for you...

Here are my

Top 10 Things I am Thankful For

1. Jesus - He is, after all, my Savior, protector, strength, provider, and love of my life! He is my hope and the reason that I live. I am undeserving of the love, mercy, grace, and forgiveness that he offers to me. I am so thankful for Him.

2. My Husband Adam - He puts up with my good and my bad. He loves and cherishes me. He is a great husband and father and I am so grateful that God brought Him into my life and gave Him to me.

3. Kaylee and my baby #2 - Kaylee is such a joy and delight to my life. Her laughter and her babbling make our home so much more exciting. I am so thankful for her. My little baby #2 (still no name) is also such a wonderful addition to my life. She moves consistently throughout the day and has actually tickled me a few times with her movement. I am thankful for her.

4. My Family - They have been my closest friends and confidants over the years. They are the ones that made me who I am.  My parents taught me what a woman of God looks like.  My brother has been a best friend and has helped me mature and shape my thoughts on life.  I am grateful for my family!

5. My Friends - My friends have had such a huge impact on my life. They have helped me through difficult times and have been there for me during the great times. They never leave my side and I am so glad I know them and that they gave me that chance. I am so very thankful for my friends!

6. My House - It is my place of refuge after a long day and it is mine. It is decorated in a way that makes me feel at home. My house is my home and I am so thankful for it.

7. My Job - My kids this year are amazing! I have been at this job for several years now and I am so thankful for my great group of kids!  These kids really make "going to work" great! I am so thankful for my job and for my kids!

8. My Church - I am super happy with our church. The people and the pastoral staff make it a phenomenal place to worship and I am so grateful for my church.

9. Food - What can I say? I love food. I am so glad that I have never had to go without food and that I am able to have traditions such as Thanksgiving dinner. I am thankful for food.

10. Readers - I am grateful for all of you. It makes writing a blog much more enjoyable. Thanks for reading!

Joyful Moment of the Day: I get to be with my family today. I am so very very happy to be with them today!

Monday, November 22, 2010

A Week With Limited Technology

Adam and I agreed on limiting the amount of time we spent on the internet, watching tv, watching movies, and playing xbox etc over our entire week last week.

Adam decided to play hero and do 0 minutes of usage except his one game of Madden that he had to play so he could advance his league online with his buddies.

Knowing this would be way too difficult for me, (Sad, I know) I took on 30 minutes a day.  Let me tell you. This was not easy. I am unsure of exactly how much time I spend doing these things, but it must be a lot. I went crazy Monday.  By Wednesday, however, Kaylee and I had a new routine going and it wasn't so bad. I began to realize that the only thing I truly missed was jumping on quick to see if some store sold something that I was thinking of.  It was very interesting and showed me that while the internet is nice to have, it should be used sparingly.

So, with that being said, I am sticking with about 30 minutes a day of  internet usage.  I am not going to be as hard on myself, but at the same time I want this limit because I am much more productive with it.

Joyful Moment of the Day: Snuggling with Kaylee when I woke her up this morning. I love her big hugs!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kaylee's Kidbits

In the last few weeks, Kaylee's vocabulary has started to really grow!  It amazes me how much she learns even when I feel like she is learning nothing other than how to throw a tantrum.

She has been able to say quite a few words for a while. Mommy, Daddy, Kitty, Wiggle, Moo, Titus, and shoes.

These are the new things added to the list. Thank you, Love you, You're welcome, Papa or Poppy, poo-poo, uh-oh, and go. (And her very own Star Wars language.)

Kaylee loves to dance and sing! She also loves wearing shoes, but hates socks. She hates having her hair combed or to have bows in it. She enjoys knocking on the bathroom door when someone is in there - especially if it is her daddy. She also likes to cover her face and pretend she is hiding.  This game is cute, but she is one patient kid during this game and can sit there "hiding" for quite a long time while you pretend to look for her.  She loves to skype.  As soon as she hears the noise it makes when it comes on, she comes running over.  Every day is something new and exciting with her.

As we prepare for baby number two (still no name- sorry), we are realizing quickly that our "baby" is quickly becoming a little person of her own, leaving behind most of her baby qualities and becoming a toddler. Although, she will always be our baby.

I love my little girl(s).

Joyful Moment of the Day: Adam is setting up downstairs for game day. He has his music on and is singing loudly along with it.  It makes me smile. Especially when he comes up and starts singing to Kaylee. :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Habitual Acts

Over the past few days I have come to notice exactly how habitual I am.

When I go anywhere, I always park in the same general area so I am not that person you laugh at as the walk aimlessly through the parking lot with no clue where their car is. (I also don't want to be in the cold any more than necessary.)

I have my routine in the morning. Shut alarm off. Roll over. Get phone. Put slippers on. Pee. Brush teeth. Fix breakfast. Open blinds. Get Kaylee. Change Kaylee's diaper. Feed Kaylee and myself. - You get the point.

When I get on the internet, I have an order in which I check my stuff. G-Mail. Facebook. Blogspot. Netflix.

I drive the same route to different places. I even know which lanes are the best ones to be in to get there in the best time.

Then there is the bathroom.  I always use the same stall.  Partially because I have tried others and in some of the stalls the toilet paper is harder to manage. Mostly because I am simply a creature of habit.

I just find it super interesting how habitual I am and how difficult it is to start a new habit or quit one.  However, I have no problem succumbing to my habitual acts - usually without thought.  My body goes on auto-pilot when it comes to these habitual things that I do. (Driving is the worst one!)

I started thinking about how habitual I was when I went into the bathroom and my stall was "out of order." I just stood there confused for a moment before I realized I still had a reason for going into the bathroom in the first place.

What kind of crazy habits do you guys have?  Are you as habitual as I am?

Joyful Moment of the Day: Having Nick and Kendra over for dinner and a boardgame.  It has been a really long time since we have had an evening with them where we weren't having to watch our girls.  It was nice to just enjoy their company while our girls were sleeping.
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